• Please make sure all tables and chairs are stacked and returned to the back right corner of the Auditorium. Youth Center tables and chairs are stacked against the wall in the small room off the Shelby Street entrance. 

  • All trash must be bagged and taken to the dumpster located in the parking lot. 

  • Please put a new trash bag in the bin. 

  • If the kitchen is used, please clean, dry, and return all utensils/pans to their original location. 

  • The stove top pilot lights in the kitchen MUST ALWAYS REMAIN ON. Putting out the flame allows natural gas to build up in the room. 

  • Use brooms/mops to clean up any spills. There are cleaning supplies in the janitorial closet in the hallway outside the Auditorium doors. 

  • Please return the thermostat(s) to the original settings if you have changed them. 

  • If you prop open doors or open windows, please be sure to close them when you are finished in the space. 

  • Please be sure to return any A/V equipment, cords, remotes, or pointers to their proper place after use. 

  • Once you are finished in the space, please make sure all the lights are turned off, and in the case of the Auditorium, please make sure the dimmer switches 'click' to make sure they are completely off. 

  • Please be sure to wipe down all tables to remove liquids or other residue when you are finished in the space. 

  • The Sound Curfew in Fountain Square is 11 p.m. Our buildings are located in a residential area, so please be respectful of our neighbors and do not congregate in the parking lot after 11 p.m.


TEL: 317-236-7400 | FAX: 317-236-7415


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Appointments can be held outside these hours


Southeast Community Services was formed as a community center in 1972. We have dedicated the past 46 years to addressing the diverse needs of our neighbors. 


- HSE/GED Classes

- Financial Coaching

- Employment Coaching 

- Income Support Coaching

- English Language Classes 

- Education Coaching 

- Basic Computer Classes


901 Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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